Boondogle Films

Cape Town-based company Boondogle Films produces high quality content across several genres for both local and international audiences. We collaborate with established creatives and technicians and are also committed to fostering the growth of emerging filmmakers through training initiatives. Apart from Snake, Boondogle Films is known for the romantic comedy Kaalgat Karel, the gritty drama Tess and the feature documentary 1994:the Bloody Miracle – all of which have received numerous awards at home and abroad.


Kaalgat Karel
1994 – The Bloody Miracle

Our Services:


Our offerings encompass training videos, consumer profiles and research materials tailored to meet your business objectives.

Training Workshops

Dive into the intricacies of screenwriting, directing and cinematography with our customised workshops, designed to cater to varying levels of expertise and specific requirements. We have a good deal of experience in teaching and are willing to travel.

Script Editing

Elevate your scripts to their full story potential through our meticulous editing services.

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